Green dieting is very important for the health and well-being of women

Nowadays womens are very carefull about their health. Though they always busy with their work, but still they don’t take any risk of their health. Which is a very good sign because taking care of health is a sign of a good, healthy and caring women. Indian Women Fat Problem But in a published survey of women in India, whether she is at work or a housewife, they don’t take care of their health. Also, they do not care about the food. But that is not the meaning of they do not eat food. Yeas obviously they eat food but what they get in front just eat that. That’s why an excess fat and various problems start associating with their body. Then they start dieating or they join in a health club to get rid of this problem. But some time without knowing the right way to diet, it can be dengerous. Remember that dieting is not the solution to get rid of this. What is Green Diteing? The food you eat just take a look at it. That’s why womens need to focus on green diet. As per doctors guideline gree

Foods That will Keep Your Kidney Healthy

One of the most important organs in the human body is kidney. The kidneys flush out all the waste products from the body. Thats’s why we need to keep our kidney healthy. Otherwise, the accumulation of toxins in the body can cause various problems. Do you know? that kideny depends on controlled lifestyle and also depends on some good foods. In this article I will tell about all foods that can keep your kidney helthy. Actually, these foods are very simple and those are our daily life food. That you can found in your home kitchen easily. If you keep these food in your diet chart everyday then you will get rid of kidney problems. You have to maintain another thing along with food that is Salt intake. You have to decrease the amount of sodium intake. You have to eat less amount of sodium and trans fat processed foods. Also, decrease the amount of phosphorus in the food diet chart for the kidney. Phosphorus is very bad for the kidney.Now I will tell you that which foods will keep kidney helt

Enough Folate Needed for Pregnant Women

British doctors and experts recomend that thse who are interested to be mother. They need to take folic acid 3 months before conception. Deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women causes children to develop spina bifida. They born with spinal deformity. A warning has been issued to that effect by the Scottish spina bifida association. The experts say that women who are going to pregnant and others who are 16 to 45 years old reproductive females need to eat folic acid food daily. The growing baby’s bone structure in the womb spine destroyed for lack of folic acid. Otherwise one has to suffer from palysis. There are various types of damage that can happen in the nervous system. That’s why folic acid should be taken regularly from 3 months before conception. After the fertilization folic acid must be eaten regularly for a few months. You have to keep in mind that the development of the spine and nerves occurs within 4 weeks of pregnancy. According to Britain’s Food Standard Agency listing

How to solve dry eye problem in winter

Dry eye problem is a type of problem where the eye can’t produce such an amount of liquid that keeps eyes wet. That’s why the eyes don’t get enough moisture. There are many effects of dry eye. For example itchy eyes, redness of the eyes, difficulty seeing, the difficulty looking at the laptop or mobile. Like different parts and skin of our body eye damage also occur in the winter. As because gradually dry eyes problem increases at this time. It is not much stupefied because dry eye problem happens in winter rather than summer. There are many reasons for it. Because as the temperature gets lower, the dry eyes problem increases. Why Dry Eyes Problem Increases in The Winter? Dryness in one of the main causes of dry eyes as I say it at the beginning. Otherwise reumatoyed arthaitis, sogrenos sindrom or less amount of vitamine A can be the cause of dry eyes. Constantly staring at the laptop or mobile, not taking a break from work can cause dry eyes. Cold air is responsible for the problem of

Weight can also be gained from diet food

Nowadays diet word used in many food or soft drink and normal people eat that food and think that the calory of the food is truly low. There is no reason to think that diet has more nutritional value because it is written. You need to verify it before eating. Today I will discuss some foods which I think is important nowadays. It is important for everyone to know. If you don’t have any idea about this food your weight can increase. Energy & Protine Bar We all know the impotance of high protine diet in order to decrease fat. But in order to give energy to our body how much calorie and carbohydrate we are eating? We don’t recognised. Foods that are available in the market to increase energy and meet the demand for protein add extra suger to the body. Wheat Bread Don’t buy the bread when you see that made with wheat. Because many people mix other ingredients with wheat. It can affect our health. But it packed as wheat bread only for sale. Wheat bread means nutritious fiber has been se

There are Many Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Body and Mind Health

Dark chocolate has been around since before the birth of Jesus Christ. Dark chocolate was aso in the Aztec culture. Many stone statues and cave paintings at that time contain stories of eating and making dark chocolate. At that time American people thought that the blessing of God of knowledge is the cocoa fruit. The chocolate obtained from it was considered a heavenly fruit. From there the dark chocolate spread to Europe and North America. Today I will tell you some of the benefits of dark chocolates 1. Dark Chocolate Helps to Reduce Fatigue color There are theobromine materials in dark chocolate, which is equivalent to caffeine. Enough amount of theobromine will energize your body and health. Also, there is another material anandamide, if you ate this the neurotransmitters in the brain work properly. For this weakness is eliminated and also it will give energy to your body. That’s why you will not face weakness and feelings of tiredness go away. 2. Improves Brain Function color Dark

Become self sufficient by selling Colorful fish

In this time economy is in shamebles. Everyone is finding the road to fixed income. Appart from job everyone is finding for a stable business. There are many benefits to cultivating colorful fish at low cost and a small area. Demand of colorful fish in our countries market and in foreign countries market is very high. Nowadays economy is not in the right track. Many of the peoples have been victims of financial desaster. Some of them forgot the old proffession and start moving in new direction and some peoples are thinking for a new business. I will say colorful fish cultivating business is a very good choice for anyone. Because you can start this business at low cost and in a small area. You don’t need to investment lots of money here. Many people cultivate coloerful fish for their hobby. Also to increse the beauty of hotels, resturant, hotel’s reception, shops and in park they cultivate colourful fish in the aquarium. Basically colorful and bright fish like fancy design and finned fi