Become self sufficient by selling Colorful fish

In this time economy is in shamebles. Everyone is finding the road to fixed income. Appart from job everyone is finding for a stable business. There are many benefits to cultivating colorful fish at low cost and a small area. Demand of colorful
fish in our countries market and in foreign countries market is very high.

Nowadays economy is not in the right track. Many of the peoples have been victims of financial desaster. Some of them forgot the old proffession and start moving in new direction and some peoples are thinking for a new business. I will say colorful fish cultivating business is a very good choice for anyone. Because you can start this business at low cost and in a small area. You don’t need to investment lots of money here.

Many people cultivate coloerful fish for their hobby. Also to increse the beauty of hotels, resturant, hotel’s reception, shops and in park they cultivate colourful fish in the aquarium.

Basically colorful and bright fish like fancy design and finned fish for example black moly, guppy, Green swordtail, angelfish, fire mouth, fighting fish are kept in the aquarium. That’s why colorful business can be good and it can increse profit future.

Also in the foreign market 65% of colorful fish produced by India, Malesiya, China and Thailand. In india most of the colorful fish produced by West Bengal. Currently 10 lakhs peoples in West Bengal cultivate colorful fish and supply in the market. In Howrah 3 lakh peoples are cconnected to this profession.

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The government also encourage cultivating colorful fish when they saw the demand for colorful fish in the market of our country and foreign markets. Unemployed young women and men also if the self-reliant groups take the initiative to cultivate colorful fish. Because there is financial support will be given by our government.

Also goverment will provide block based training to peoples who cultivate colorful fish and want to come in this business. But in this time the training has stopped for temporary days due to some reasons.

Beside our West Bengal state only Gujrat, Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh is succesfull in this business. So, the cultivation of colorful fish and the sale of colorful fish have paved the way for self-reliance everywhere.

In a littile pond, pool or in a aquriam colorful fiish can be cultivated. In terms of invesment and labor colorful fish business is very much profitable.

A teacher of Ramkrisna Asram sir Prasanta Dhar said in this current situation unemployed men and women can think about this business. Also for this business there is no requirement of any degree.

In Howrah, Murshidabad the housewifes do this business. You can start this business in minimum of 500 ruppes in Indian currency.

Also you can sell colourful fishes to the sellers. All you need is hardwork and good intention.

How To Cultivate Colorful Fish in Aquoriam

Fish & The Size of Aquoriam

Accroding to the size of fish what will be the size of aquoriam? For that a a perticular rules are obeyed. In genaral remember that if a fish is 1cm long, it must have a surface area of at least 20
square centimeters in order for it to thrive. If there is air in the aquarium with the help of a device or pump, then the space for the fish of the same length will be 5 aquare centemiters.

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However the number of colorful fish in the aquarium and the length of the adult fish are also issues to be considered. But keep in mind don’t release all the fish in the same time. You can put the fishes
in different time.

How Much Water to Give to Any Fish

As the rule for 1 inch fish you need one gallon of water. In the aquoriam water the rufuse of fish, extra food etc. are in the water. Wich is very harmfull for the fish. That’s why you need to change the aquorium water once in a week.

You can see most of the dart under the water. You can clean the 20% of water from down by siphon process. Then give freash water fom the top of the aquorium. If the fish is not sick then you don’t need to change the whole water.
Also keep your aquorium in the sunlite everyday for 1 to 2 hours.

Underwater Plants

In the aquoriam if you put valiseneriya, Ludigia, Water Farn, Hydrofila and some small aquatic plants etc. those are not only increases the beauty of the aqupriam but also add more oxizen. Which will help the fishes to live. Because
fish use them while laying egges. Also it helps to hide fishes egges.

Food of Colour Fish

There are different kinds of foods available in the market for the fish. You have to give food in the morning & in the evening daily. Give food in a particular place doesn’t give food in different places. Earthworms, tubing, rice, bine shrimp, infusorians,
water flies, sludge worms, carcasses, daphnia, Katella, cyclops, Jasmina, brachialis, etc. are given as food.

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Also, eggs, larvae, blood worms are also very favorite food of fish. You can keep fishmeal and husk in a small amount of water in the ratio of 1:2 to form. You can keep it in a bowl.

Protect The Helth Of Colorful Fish

You have to observe the aquoriam fishes regulerly. If you keep colorful fishes in close and dark place insted of the natural environment then the fishes will be sick and disease will increase.The signs of fish movement, chnage of colour in
the body of fish and white or red sopt on the skin are bad signs.

For that, you have to change the place of that sick fish and immediately need to be treated. If you don’t change the place then other fish will be sick. Also, you have to throw out dead fish immediately. Also with the advice of an experienced fish farmer,
medicines should also be used occasionally.

Market of Colorful Fish

There is a colorful fish market in Dasnagar, Howrah at the CTI place. From here colorful fish expoted in other state and other foreign countries. You can go to the market for more details.


In this article I give you an idea of selling colorful fish and how to manage all the things. You can became a become self-sufficient by selling colorful fish in the market or from home.
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