How to solve the problem of dry eyes in winter?

how to solve dry eye problem in winter

Dry eye problems are a type of problem where the eyes cannot produce the amount of fluid that keeps the eyes wet. That is why the eyes do not get enough moisture. Dry eyes have many effects. For example itchy eyes, red eyes, difficulty seeing, difficulty looking at a laptop or mobile. Different parts of … Read more

Adequate folate is needed for pregnant women

folet needed for pregnet women

British physicians and experts advise those who are interested in becoming a mother. They should take folic acid 3 months before pregnancy. Lack of folic acid in pregnant women causes the development of spina bifida in children. They are born with spinal deformities. A warning has been issued by the Scottish Spina Bifida Association. Experts … Read more

Exercise in the morning can reduce the risk of cancer

morning exercise

Exercise, jogging, working out fast, walking is not double for health it will end the disease and the body will always be fit. In a recent study, some experts said that it is possible to prevent cancer by practicing. Many people thought that walking in the afternoon was like walking in the morning but it … Read more