What is The Full form of PDF in English 2021 | PDF Full Form 2021

PDF Full Form 2021

PDF Full Form in English, Education & Computer Now, almost everything is connected to the Internet. You can do everything from sitting at home to email, shopping, or knowing all the news related to the world. If you have text, you can easily save it to a PDF file. Today we have a complete PDF … Read more

What is The Full Form USSD | Full Form of USSD 2021

ussd Full Form English

UNSTRUCTURED SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICE DATA (USSD) How do I generate USSD code? USSD: Additional Unused Service Data USSD stands for Informal Extended Service Data. Also known as QuickCode codes or Feature. It is a communication method used by the Global System for Mobile (GSM) mobile phones to communicate or send text messages from a mobile phone … Read more

“R.I.P” Full Form in English 2021 | Definition of R.I.P.

RIP Full Form in English

Full Form of R.I.P. in English RIP full form in English is “Rest in Peace”. The acronym RIP is generally used as a blessing to express the term “may the soul begin to rest in peace”. The term is commonly used as condolence at funerals. It is also used as a mark of solitude at … Read more

Full Form of BPM in English | BPM Full Form 2021

BPM Full Form

The Full BMP form is Bitmap. Used in Computing, File Extensions worldwide BPM Full Form in English- The bitmap describes the type of image that web users encounter every time without realizing it. Basically, a grid where each square is a pixel containing color details. The main features are the number of pixels (or squares … Read more