Eating Extra Fatty Food Can Decrease Brain Performance

Special food is fed to a male mouse group. And on that food, 10 percent of fat is coming from saturated fat. Then another mouse group eats 60 percent of the fat. After that when all the mouses became fat, their weakness was manifested in the microglia of the brain.

But we don’t need to think too much about it, because, after two months of eating continuously fatty food, scientists gave a low amount of fatty food to the mice. After that, the condition of the damaged brain is restored completely.

In the research, they saw if anyone eats too many fatty foods then he or she will face problems with mobility. Also having too many proteins and equivalently micronutrients in the food can be dangerous. Scientists said that eating too many fatty foods can weaken the immune cell of the brain and can destroy nerve cells.

The fatty food was fed to the mice, it was similar to what human eats. When the research going on, that time fourth, eighth, and twelfth-week scientists checked the weight of two mouse groups and food intake, insulin levels, and blood glucose levels.

The researchers looked at the chemical changes in living elegantly in rats. They also watched how the mouse’s brains worked and their memory, how much they want to learn, and their synaptic marker levels.

In the twelfth-week scientists gave more fatty foods. Then all the mice not only get fat but also their synaptic markers level get down. This means that the synapses involved in transmitting signals from one nerve cell to another have been destroyed in the hippocampus.

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Dr. Stranahan said that all the mice don’t run when they get fat. He also said that when they stop running their synapse breaks. After twelve-week of giving fatty food scientists saw that they get fat and their brains stop working.

After all the research and result Dr. Stranahan understood that only certain simulant cytokines can be prevented with medication. Rats those are fed high fatty food may have some cytokines in their brain. Their nervous system is weakened and can be destroyed by Synaptics. In this case that medicine can be used. But scientists said that they can research more about this.

In this situation, you can decrease the amount of fatty food. On that note, brain power will not decrease.

Alexis M Stranahan is a United States medical college employee. He said that synapse decrease for Microgoliya and brain power also decrease. The study also found that while rats did not gain weight, rats
infected with obesity had significantly higher fat levels in any given situation.


In this article, I wrote about what can happen if you eat too much fatty foods. Also, the scientist researched it with rats and they got the result. I hope you enjoyed this post and please don’t forget to share this article.