Enough Folate Needed for Pregnant Women

British doctors and experts recomend that thse who are interested to be mother. They need to take folic acid 3 months before conception. Deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women causes children to develop spina bifida. They born with
spinal deformity.

A warning has been issued to that effect by the Scottish spina bifida association.

The experts say that women who are going to pregnant and others who are 16 to 45 years old reproductive females need to eat folic acid food daily. The growing baby’s bone structure in the womb spine destroyed for lack of folic acid. Otherwise
one has to suffer from palysis.

There are various types of damage that can happen in the nervous system. That’s why folic acid should be taken regularly from 3 months before conception.

After the fertilization folic acid must be eaten regularly for a few months. You have to keep in mind that the development of the spine and nerves occurs within 4 weeks of pregnancy.

According to Britain’s Food Standard Agency listing, every pregnant woman needs 400 micro gm daily before and after fertilization. This need to be continue for 12 weeks within pregnency period.

Where We can Find Folet?

Folic acid can found in folet or in folacin food. Otherwise you can find supplyment or in the medicine. The doctor will say all the medicines and when to take those medicines. There are 127 microgram folet acid in half cup boiled lentils, 160
microgram in noodles, 130 nicrogram in boiled spinach.

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Also you will get 60 microgram in one cup rice,115 microgram in medium-sized ripe papaya, 61 micrograms in ripe broccoli, 22 micrograms in two boiled eggs.

Folet is Found in Many Vegetables: There are many vegetables that have folet. You will get folet in cauliflower, mustard greens, almonds, soybeans, oranges, almonds, buckwheat, corn, wheat flour, Mugdal, curry leaves, cabbage,
mint leaves, turnips, eggplants, carrots, pumpkins, chickpeas, coriander leaves, dried chili.

Also, folet available in Mrigel fish, ducks egg, chickens egg, the meat of the goat. It can also found in the milk of cow, goat, and the buffalo.

Some Important Informations

Don’t drink when you are pregnant. Because if a pregnant woman drink then his child’s size will be small even the child is born. When the baby will get eight years old his sleep will reduce. It was declared in the journal slip.

After research, it said that the babies born with small size and less weight they will face sleeping problem in the future. Their sleep reduced and sleep deprivation occurs.

Dr. Katari Ricconen from the University of Helsinki in Finland said if a pregnant woman drinks once a week the baby will face a lack of sleep in childhood also.


Folet is need to eat in the pregnency period and after the pregnency period. I hopein the article you got a full idea of what is folet and why it is important for the pregnent women.

Also, I told some important points that what not to do during the pregnancy period. In some medicine, you will get folet and folacin but you need to check up with a doctor who will guide you in the right way.

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