Adequate folate is needed for pregnant women

folet needed for pregnet women

British physicians and experts advise those who are interested in becoming a mother. They should take folic acid 3 months before pregnancy. Lack of folic acid in pregnant women causes the development of spina bifida in children. They are born with spinal deformities.

A warning has been issued by the Scottish Spina Bifida Association.

Experts say that women are getting pregnant and others who are fertile women between the ages of 16 and 45 need to eat folic acid foods every day. The bone structure of the growing baby in the fetal spine is destroyed by the lack of folic acid. Otherwise one suffers from paralysis.

Different types of damage to the nervous system can occur. Therefore, folic acid should be taken regularly from 3 months before pregnancy.

Folic acid must be taken regularly for a few months after fertilization. You should keep in mind that spinal cord and nerve development occurs within 4 weeks of pregnancy.

According to the UK Food Standards Agency list, every pregnant woman needs 400 micrograms per day before and after fertilization. It needs to continue for 12 weeks into pregnancy.


Where do we get folate?

Folic acid folate or folacin is found in food. Otherwise, you can find supplements or medications. The doctor will tell you all the medications and when to take them. Half a cup of boiled lentils contains 127 micrograms of acid, noodles 160 micrograms, boiled vegetables 130 micrograms.

Also, you will get 60 micrograms in one cup of rice, 115 micrograms in medium-size ripe papaya, 61 micrograms in ripe broccoli, 22 micrograms in two boiled eggs.

Folate is found in many vegetables: There are many vegetables that contain folate. You will find cauliflower, mustard greens, nuts, soybeans, oranges, almonds, bamboo, corn, wheat flour, mung beans, curry leaves, cabbage, mint leaves, turnips, eggplant, carrots, pumpkins, lentils, coriander leaves, dried peppers.

Folate is also found in matrix fish, duck eggs, chicken eggs, goat meat. It is also found in the milk of cows, goats and buffaloes.


How to choose the right subject for study?

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Some important information: You should not drink while pregnant. Because if a pregnant woman drinks, her baby will be smaller even after the baby is born. When the child becomes eight years old, his sleep will decrease. This was announced in the journal Slip.

After the research, it was said that babies born with small size and low weight will have their sleep problems in future. Their sleep is reduced and sleep deprivation occurs.

Dr. Katari Riknen from the University of Helsinki in Finland says that if a pregnant woman drinks once a week, the baby will still lack sleep during childhood.



Folate is needed during and after pregnancy. I hope in this article you have got a complete idea about what folate is and why it is important for pregnant women.

Also, I have mentioned a few important things not to do during pregnancy. In some medicines, you will get folate and folic acid but you need to contact a doctor who will guide you in the right direction.

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