Good Profits are Available in Autumn Vegetables

Profits of Autumn Vegetables

Autumn is the most suitable season for vegetable cultivation. During this particular time, a variety of vegetables can grow on high, well-drained sand and sandy loam soils.

In summer all the lands where scorpion squash, squash, cucumber, Barbati, Uche, korala are cultivated are usually damaged by dead trees during the rainy season. These times winter gourds, bean, Barbati, Uche korala e.t.c can be cultivated at low cost. Though these crops can be grown in Hemant and winter season autumn season is the best season for that.

But before cultivating, it is necessary to plant vegetables in the land by making high kiln. At the beginning of autumn, there are lots of heavy rain happen. Also, there is a special need to make good arrangements
for drainage. Because when water accumulates in the soil, vegetables are wasted.

In the summer the lands where snails, chchinga, etc. are cultivated. When the crop is finished under the scaffolding in Barbati, bean and in winter pumpkin can be cultivated.

Patal roots are planted in the summer. At that time the pools begin to bear fruit and bear fruit throughout the winter and spring season. Also in this season petals are sold at good prices in the market. In the autumn season demand of Barbati is very good.

Why It is Profitable in This Time?

In this time it is very profitable to cultivate this time. If you cultivate that nitrogen will create automatically. Also, land fertility increases strength.

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Now in this time, the farmers who are farming beans will give this yield in Kartik & Aghrayan month. With this, the price of beans will also be better. Also, you can cultivate roots, spinach, cauliflower, coriander leaves, and onions in the autumn season. At this time the demand for those vegetables is very good.

Everyone likes to eat spinach quickly. There are lots of vitamins available in this herbage. There is a very good profit available in this spinach herbage. Also, cauliflower is a very likable vegetable in this season. At every festival and in all the events of Bengalis, cauliflower curry is very feverous.

Only for this, the price of cauliflower is always high at this time. Also, the demand for vegetables like heroes, aubergine, raw chili, onions, and many other vegetables is very high and you can keep producing until the winter season.

In autumn coriander leaves, kola, and all the herbage are cultivated and can sell in the market until the winter season. Besides, it is time to cultivate vegetables like beets, carrots, beans, maize, etc.. although those vegetables give higher yields in autumn and winter.

Currently, many farmers cultivate capsicum, data, il, papaya, Karol, messroom, etc.  They are also interested in it. Farmers can make a good profit by cultivating various vegetables at this juncture of weather in big market value.


In a season like autumn, farmers can make a good profit by cultivating lots of various vegetables like scorpion squash, squash, cucumber, Barbati, Uche, Kerala, etc. Until winter they can sell those vegetables at a good price.

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