Green dieting is very important for the health and well-being of women

Nowadays womens are very carefull about their health. Though they always busy with their work, but still they don’t take any risk of their health. Which is a very good sign because taking care of health is a sign of a good, healthy and
caring women.

Indian Women Fat Problem

But in a published survey of women in India, whether she is at work or a housewife, they don’t take care of their health. Also, they do not care about the food. But that is not the meaning of they do not eat food. Yeas obviously they eat food
but what they get in front just eat that.

That’s why an excess fat and various problems start associating with their body. Then they start dieating or they join in a health club to get rid of this problem. But some time without knowing the right way to diet, it can be dengerous. Remember that
dieting is not the solution to get rid of this.

What is Green Diteing?

The food you eat just take a look at it. That’s why womens need to focus on green diet. As per doctors guideline green vegetables can be eat in many ways. This will also increase the taste, enough nutrients and energy are also available.
Every girl want to be beautiful and helthy. That’s why most of the womens start diting fromthe begining.

Extarnal beauty is only for few days and it will not be long lasting, that’s why the solution is, you need to be beautiful from inside. It is important to be beautiful as well as helthy. Most of the time you can eat
green vegitables, spinach, fenugreek, brassica nigra, turnip, lettuce leaf and cabbage.

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Corotinitis is found in green vegetables. That is anti acsident. Anti acsident can increase immunity in our your body.

There is an onther positive sign of green diting, for that the body maintains spontanety. Green vegitable can also increase glammure. That’s why you can be more beautiful. Another important thing about green diet is there is no fat here.
And the abundance is under control. At that point accordingly, the danger of heart disease is fundamentally lower.

If women eat green vegetables continuously so there will be no shortage of calcium. Also the possibilities of bone fracture decrease. Use vegetables as a salad. Use broccoli, onion, spinach, tomato cabbage, wash leaves, capsicum, etc in the salad. Also, you can use olive oil, mastered sash, or cream. Actually, you can use olive oil, mastered, sash, or cream for the taste.

Eat Boiled Vegetables

Fiver is much needed for the body. Our body needs every day 10 to 15-gram fiver. The right amount of fiver can prevent cancer disease. Also, folic acid found in green vegetables. Eat raw vegetables because nutrition goes away from boiled vegetables.

Clean the vegetables very nicely and get rid of bacteria before eating. Green vegetables not only good for diet and fit, it wil also decrease the chance of sickness. Eat salad everyday and clean the freash the vegetables. Try to use green
leaves salads. It’s really good for you health and fitnesss and dieting.

Use olive oil and lamon juice in salad. You can eat vegetable jusice in the breakfast. For example tomatoes, carots, carrots, cucumbers etc. Use pepper, salt in the juice for taste. Eat mix vegatable soup in afternoon with mid-day meals.
If you maintain this routine for some months you can see body weight will decrease.

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Decrese the eating habit of rice, flour, suger. Also change you daily life routine. Walk 2 hours everyday. Keep away from junk food and eat fruits once in a week. After some months you can see the difference.


How much important is green deiting for womens I totally discuss in this post. Also how to maintain green dieting, I also write about it. I am sure that you donot have to go other sites to know about green dieting as because I brefly discuss
here. Thanks for reading till here, see you in another post.