How to solve dry eye problem in winter

Dry eye problem is a type of problem where the eye can’t produce such an amount of liquid that keeps eyes wet. That’s why the eyes don’t get enough moisture. There are
many effects of dry eye.

For example itchy eyes, redness of the eyes, difficulty seeing, the difficulty looking at the laptop or mobile.

Like different parts and skin of our body eye damage also occur in the winter. As because gradually dry eyes problem increases at this time. It is not much stupefied because
dry eye problem happens in winter rather than summer.

There are many reasons for it. Because as the temperature gets lower, the dry eyes problem increases.

Why Dry Eyes Problem Increases in The Winter?

Dryness in one of the main causes of dry eyes as I say it at the beginning. Otherwise reumatoyed arthaitis, sogrenos sindrom or less amount of vitamine A can be the
cause of dry eyes.

Constantly staring at the laptop or mobile, not taking a break from work can cause dry eyes. Cold air is responsible for the problem of dry eyes. North air can also
the reason for dry eyes.

Now I will tell you 9 steps to solve dry eye problem in the winter season so, read the full article below.

How to Solve Dry Eye Problem?

  • 1. First you need to moisturize in an alternative waay first. Ans you can use any lubricating eye drop 4 times a day. Also use oyentment in eyes. But don’t buy any eye drop or lubricating from shop. Always take advice from doctors. They will tell you which one is right.
  • 2. Drink water to humid the body. If the body is hydrated, the eyebrows will also be maintained.
  • 3. Eye also damage due to outside weather, pollution, radioactive rays and in winter season these thing are high. That’s why when you go outside home use a sunglass that protect eye from ultra
    violate rays. Otherwise you can use big hat that will protect your eye.
  • 4. Try removing the eyelids
  • 5. Keep room temparature more that you need. But don’t hit the room too much. Don’t use hiter or blower too much. Leave it on for a while in moderation and turn it off. But The heat should
    not come directly to the face.
  • 6. Use humidifire in the house to maintain the home temparature. It will protect from excessive drying.
  • 7. If you face too much problem in the eye then you can soak a cotton ball in warm water and apply it to the eyes. Keep in mind it have to very slightly hot. Warm compress opens the
    memebian glands of the eye, which maintains the balance of eye moisturizer.
  • 8. Don’t work all the time with laptop or xomputer. Take a short break in the middle. Put some water in the eye. Those people have pressure problem in the eye they don’t use water in the eye.
  • 9. Eat vitamine D and omega three fatie acid type of food. Also eat carrots, spinach, mackerel, all day fish, pumpkin seeds, it will provide the necessary nutrients to the eyes.
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This article written by Dipanjan Pradhan who is passoniate about health and wealth. He discused how to keep eye humided. Also what is the reason behind the dry eye in the winter. I hope you guys learn something new from this post and it will help you a lot.