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Latest Malayalam Movies List 2022

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Hello everyone I am from India & I listed the 10 latest Malayalam movies watch online. I want to know how many of you loved to watch Malayalam movies.

Malayalam movies which are also known as Mollywood movies in India gone popular day by day. The acting of some rising actors and actresses won many hearts till now.

If you don’t know I already told you how to watch Malayalam movies online for free. If you missed that you can read that article. Today I am going to tell you about some best Malayalam movies to watch in 2021.

Popular Malayalam Movies To Watch in 2022 Free

Also, I will add some short review about all the Mollywood movies. There are 10 Malayalam movies that I selected as the top Malayalam movies. I hope you will really like it.

There will be some telegram links for Malayalam movies. You can download latest Malayalam movies watch online for free. Also, I will add the latest Netflix Malayalam movies link and amazon prime or Disney movies link. You can download it straight through the link.

List of Top 10 Malayalam Movies

1. Kappela 

Available on Netflix

2. Ayyappanum Koshiyum

Available on Amazon Prime

3. Trance

Available on Amazon Prime

4. Forensic

Available on Netflix

5. Anjaam Pathira

Available on Jio Cinemas

6. Lucifer

Available on Amazon Prime

7. Sudani from Nigeria

Available On Netflix

8. Unda 

Avail on Amazon Prime 

 9. Driving License

Available on Amazon Prime

10. Android Kunjhapan Version 5.25

Available on Amazon Prime


Latest Malayalam Movies Watch Online

Here are all the 10 best Malayalam movies with the review. And where to watch all the movies. Telegram links for best Malayalam movies & YouTube latest Malayalam movies.

1. Kappela (Available on Netflix)

The best Malayalam movies of 2020 are Kapela. The latest malayalam movies to watch on malluvilla 2021. Malayalam movies will never upset you and Kappela is the best example of it. This movie based on an amazing concept. The narration, screenplay, and overall concept are very amazing.

Kappela Malayalam Movie Review

kappela malayalam full movie online

Sometimes you will think the narration of this movie is very simple. But if you watch kappela Malayalam movie online then you can understand it was not simple.

The acting of actor and actress is top not. The star cast of this movie Anna Ben, Sreenath Bhasi, Roshan Mathew, Sudhi Koppa. The acting of 18 years old Anna Ben’s acting will definitely impress you.

The cinematography of this movie is absolutely insane. I’m impressed. There is 2 BGM music in this movie and these worked very well.

Writer Muhammad Musthafa did a very great job. He explained every character very well. It is his debut movie but you will not feel that it is his debut movie. In kappela movie writer Muhammad Musthafa
explains human phycology nicely.

StoryLine of Kappela

The StoryLine of this latest Malayalam movies watch is Jenny who dialed the wrong number one day. Then how this wrong number became the most dialed number that is the story. Basically, Kappela is the love story of these movies. But the twist came when Sreenath Basi entered.

Then what happens in their love story you have to watch the Kapila movie. You can watch Kappela movies on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kapela

Q. Kappela hit or flop?

Kappela movie neither hit nor flop. The best movie according to me. You can watch it on Netflix.

Q. What is the story of Kappela? 

A young woman falls in love with a man after accidentally dialing his number. However, when he visits his hometown to meet her, a stranger named Roy comes into his life.

Q. Who is the villain in Kappela? 

Media outlets have been speculating on Jessy, a dreamer at sea, and Roy who took her to a dream since Kappela’s movie was released on OTT’s main stage.

Q. Is Kappela a family movie?

Kappela, the best Malayalam movies to watch online free, has been praised for pointing out the dangers of girls relying on strangers. Besides, the movie has lessons for parents and the whole family.

Q. When Kappela released?

Kappela released on 6 March 2020 in India.

Q.Where was Kappela shot?

The film was shot in Poovaranthode, Thenjippalam, Alungal, and Chelapram, Kozhikode.

2. Ayyappanum Koshiyum (Available on Amazon Prime)

ayyappanum koshiyum full movie with english subtitles

Ayyappanum Koshiyum watch online is the latest Malayalam movies watch online for free. This movie based on action and thriller. The movie directed by Sachy.

The movie directed by Sachy and produced by Ranjith & P. M. Sasidharan. The writer Sachy did a very good job in this movie. Sometimes you will feel Prithviraj is good after some time you will think Biju Menon is right.

The star cast Prithviraj Sukumaran, Biju Menon, Gowri Nandha, Ranjith acted very very well. They are admirable.

The StoryLine of Ayyappanum Koshiyum (Ayyappanum Koshiyum full movie with English subtitles Tamilrockers)

The main storyline of the Ayyappanum Koshiyum’s movie is how ego can destroy anything in the world. In this movie, you will watch a clash between a retired army officer and a police officer. Then how did all the things destroyed only for the ego that is the main storyline of this new malayalam full movie ayyappanum koshiyum?

Ayyappanum Koshiyum running time is 2h 57m

There is no suspense in this movie but in the 176 minutes running time of this movie you can enjoy the thrilling experience. They narrate this movie really well.

Latest Malayalam Movies Watch Online For Free

The leading characters Prithviraj & Biju Menon acted very well. You can connect yourself in their character. On one side Prithviraj is a very angry person and another side Biju Menon is very calm. We can say one is fire and another one is ice.

You will see 2 action scenes in this movie. The main attractive thing which I liked very much is the action scenes shooted like a real fight. No extra flying scene is added. For example, Hero kicked villain and the villain went fly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ayyappanum Koshiyum

Q. Is Ayyappanum Koshiyum real story?

The film’s concept was first constructed as a story about the relationship between Koshi and his driver, Sachy had real friends like them, the owner of the jewelry and his driver. Later, a junior police inspector was introduced to the plot, which took the story to its current state.

Q. What is the story of Ayyappanum Koshiyum?

Police officer Ayyappan is an honest man who always strives to do the right thing. Things change when the harassment of retired soldiers, Koshy, takes over and the battles are fought.

Q. Who is the hero of Ayyappanum Koshiyum?

Biju Menon is the hero of Ayyappanum Koshiyum’s movie. Biju Menon on the success of ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum’ and the 25th anniversary of the Malayalam film industry.

Q. When was Ayyappanum Koshiyum released?

Ayyappanum Koshiyum released on 7 February 2020 in India.

Q. What is the qualification of Prithviraj?

After school, he studied for a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at the University of Tasmania in Australia. This time, he auditioned for film director Ranjith and won the lead role in the film Nandanam. It was film director Fazil who introduced him to Ranjith.


3. Trance (Available on Amazon Prime)

trance malayalam movie story
latest Malayalam movies watch

As I already told you how to watch Trance Malayalam movie online with English subtitles. You can read the article. Also, I briefly describe that movie.

Overall trance is a mindblowing cinema in the Malayalam film industry. nazriya trance

It is a psychological thriller film. We always don’t see this kind of movie because it is a psychological thriller film where also gives us a social message. One thing which I want to say that many of you guys will leave the movie.

Trance Latest Malayalam movies watch Online Official Trailer


StoryLine of Trance Movie

People will think that trance movie will be based on drugs. Yeah, I also thought that. But after watching the film I am totally impressed because the meaning of the trance movie is totally different. There are no bigger drugs than religion that is the main baseline of this movie.

Trance Review Malayalam

And this movie is very relevant nowadays. The writer Vincent Vadakkan did a fabulous job. Because the first half of this new Malayalam full movie 2020 online is extraordinary. The BGM of this movie is superb. BGM will take you to the next level of thinking. Also, cinematic scenes did a great job in this movie.

But if you say what is the negative part of trance movie. I will say it is negligible. In the second part of this movie some scenes quite dragged and the length of this movie somewhere large.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trance

Q. What is the story of trance?

Viju, an inspiring speaker, was hired to be a religious scam who received intensive training from them. As his popularity grows, he sinks deeper into darkness and deception.

Q. Is trance a true story?

Trance inspired by the people around you? Not really. The character’s story is inspired by real life events. Binayakan played that character; He is one of the followers of the priest.

Q. What is trance in psychology?

Trance latest Malayalam movies watch is a state of consciousness where a person’s general consciousness decreases and counseling increases.

Q. Does Netflix have Trance Movie?

Yes, the Trance movie is available on Netflix Today.

Q. Is trance on Amazon Prime?

Yes! Trance movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Q. How can I watch Trance Malayalam movie?

Fahad Fasil-Nazaria trans star, which premiered in Kerala in February, is now streaming Amazon Prime. Directed by Anwar Rashid, the film was one of the most anticipated releases of 2020.

Q. When the trance movie released?

Trance released on February 20, 2020, on Cancer and on February 28 across India. The film is open to positive reviews from critics, praising Fossil’s performance, direction, composition, and screenplay.

Q. Is a trance movie dubbed in Tamil?

TamilRockers Indian Malayalam, also known as Trans Tamil, is a dramatic psychological film directed and produced by Ansar Rashed, in 2020, written by Vincent Vadakkan. The film was open to various public critics.

Q. What happens at the end of the Trance movie?

Towards the end, the trance reduced to a mixture of frustration, instability, and romanticism. Trans speaks of transforming an atheist into a spiritual leader who forced to borrow the theistic attitude for capitalist gain.

Q. Is trance a family movie?

TRANCE | FAMILY REVIEW INFORMATION FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN. IMMEDIATELY COLLECTION: Awesome surprise: After being hit in the head, a good art auction does not remember where it hides an important stolen painting, thus requiring times to meet with a psychiatrist who can release that memory.

Q. Who is the producer of trance?

Anwar Rasheed

Q. Who is the director of trance?

Anwar Rasheed

Q. Who is Fahad Fazil wife?

Nazriya Nazim

4. Forensic (Available on Netflix)

The star cast of this movie is Tovino Thomas, Mamta Mohandas, Reba Monica John, Renji Panicker. One of the best thriller films of 2020. Malayalam thriller movies Hindi Forensic is available on Netflix.

The plot of this movie is totally different from other suspense and thriller movies. The first half of the movie is very good. In the first half of a Forensic movie, you will get a thrilling experience. The first half and the second half of this movie is very engaging. You will not be bored in any situation.

The inter-world twist of this thrilling Forensic movie literally impressed all the audiences. Also, you know that the impression of thriller movies comes from the background movie. The background music of the Forensic Malayalam movie is very dangerous.

forensic malayalam movie online tamilrockers

StoryLine of The Forensic Movie

The story of this movie is well written by Akhil Paul-Anas Khan and very well directed by Akhil Paul and Anas Khan. At the start of the film, you will see some children kidnaped. After that who are the murders of the Forensic movie? that is the main storyline.

Now some of you will think that this type of Malayalam movie we have already seen before. But hold on there is twist and suspense. These will give you a very good and new experience. In every moment of the movie, people will think that suspense is now revealed. But hold on there will be another twist.

Latest Malayalam movies watch

Overall the screenplay and the story are insane. Overall I will say Forensic is a great movie to watch. Cinematic shots, screenplay, BGM acting will impress all the audience.

You can watch forensic Malayalam full movie with English subtitles on YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions About Forensic

Q. Is Forensic movie hit or flop?

Yes, forensic is a hit Malayalam movie. Shylock (SUPER-HIT) 4. Ayyappanum Koshiyum (SUPER-HIT) 5. Varane Aavashyamund (SUPER-HIT) 6. Forensic (HIT) 7.

Q. What do forensic investigators do?

The forensic investigation collects and analyzes all the physical evidence related to the crime in order to reach a conclusion about the suspect. Investigators will look at blood, fluid or fingerprints, debris, hard drives, computers, or other technology to determine how a crime was committed.


5. Anjaam Pathira (Available on Jio Cinemas)

anjaam pathira full movie online watch

If you are a lover of suspense thriller movies then Anjaam Pathira Malayalam movie must be on your list. This Malayalam new full movie Anjaam Pathira 2020 will give you another level of suspense and thrilling experience. This movie is very popular in Indian cinema.

Anjaam Pathira is a Malayalam movie that is available on Jio Cinemas. You can also watch Anjaam Pathira Malayalam full movie with English subtitles. You can watch Anjaam Pathira full movie free without paying.

Anjaam Pathira Full Movie Watch Online

StoryLine of Anjaam Pathira Movie

This time the story based on a serial killer. The crime killer who killed many peoples including all the polices. After that, a phycologist Anwar Hussain entered in the movie and he loves to read books about crime killers.

Why the killer always target only polices? What is the reason behind it? Is it a work of disturbed mind man or any secret behind it? that is the main storyline of this movie. Can Anwar help the police or the criminal will win? You must have to watch this movie.

You can watch the movie at Rio cinemas for free. Use a Jio number to register on the Jio Cinema website. Then you can watch Anjaam Pathira full movie free online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anjaam Pathira

Q. Is anjaam Pathiraa a real story?

Review of Anjam Pathira This Kunchako Boban is a long term horror movie. Midian Manuel Thomas’ Anjam Pathira is an acclaimed, fast-paced horror film with a fairly acclaimed performance and another true story.

Q. Where can I watch Anjaam Pathira?

You can watch movies online in MX Player, as long as you are subscribed to the OTT video streaming platform. Anjaam Pathiraa earned an 8/10 rating on IMBD, a popular movie and show review website and a must-see movie in the Crime, Mystery, and Thrill & Horror genres.

Q. Who is the villain in Anjaam Pathira?

Anwar is the hero of Anjam Pathira. But what will happen to the villain? It is safe to say that this serial killer is a very skilled and creative person without going into the spoilers about who he is, or what he is, or who has played him. Heis a well-known and incredibly talented actor.

Q. Is anjaam Pathira hit or flop?

Anjaam Pathiraa Box Office Collections: Join a 50 crore club! Anjaam Pathiraa, the police enthusiasm that puts Kunchacko Boban in the lead role, has emerged as a surprise box in the office. The film, directed by renowned director Aadu Midhun Manuel Thomas, has now become the first writer of 2020.

Q. What does Anjaam Pathira mean?

Anjam Pathira is a 2020 Indian Malayalam film about ruling crime written and directed by Midhan Manuel Thomas.

Q. What is the story of Anjaam Pathira?

Anwar is a consulting criminologist who always helps Kerala Police. When a series of mass murders ensues, he must race against time to find who is responsible.

6. Lucifer (Available on Amazon Prime)

Lucifer is a Malayalam film latest Malayalam movies watch and this film can feel you Hollywood in India. You can watch lucifer full movie in Hindi dubbed. Also Lucifer Malayalam full movie with English subtitles available for free.

lucifer full movie malayalam
latest Malayalam movies watch

The StoryLine of Lucifer Movie

The Lucifer movie’s story based on Kerala politics. The sudden death of chief minister PK Ram Das reverse hole situation. After that everyone wants to sit on the CM chair. The daughter of expired CM Priyadarshini Ramdas, his little son, Priyadarshini Ramdas’s husband, and one of a close friend on CM.

Also, Stephen Nedumpally is also the candidate for CM’s chair. He is so helpful for the poor peoples. Some peoples think that Stephen is the god for them. After that drugs and politics puzzle begins. Then a mysterious character entered the film.

Khureshi Ab’raam is the most powerful person in the world. He controls everything. But who will the CM chair holder? That will be the story and I will say this is the latest Malayalam movies to watch online.

If you think that lucifer’s movie is simple. You are totally wrong because from the outside we think it is easy but it is too much smart and dangerous from the inside.

Now where to watch Lucifer malayalam movie? You can watch lucifer movie on youtube full free.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Q. How is Lucifer Malayalam movie?

Lucifer is a 2019 Indian Malayalam action film directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran and written by Murali Gopi. The film’s development began in 2016 when Murali Ramoji presented a story about Tian’s set at Prithviraj Movie City when he decided to make Lucifer his first director.

Q. Is Lucifer hit or flop?

Mohanlal’s Lucifer Mollywood latest Malayalam movies on amazon prime 2020 has become the biggest box office in history. Pulimurugan is Mollywood’s first Rs 100.00 crore film and has grossed over Rs 1,165.00 crore worldwide. Lucifer’s budget and box office: about 50 crores Lucifer is a blockbuster movie.

Q. Who is the writer of Lucifer Malayalam movie?

Murali Gopy is the writer of Lucifer Malayalam movies.

Q. Is Khureshi AB RAAM real?

Contrary to Thiruvananthapuram’s background, the film played the role of Vivek Oberoi while Stephen pursued his efforts to save his father’s family from adoption. But in the end we find out that Stephen Nedampali is actually Khurashi Abraham, a cowardly international criminal.

Latest Malayalam Movie Full 2020

Q. Who is Lucifer’s mother?

Lucifer’s mother Orra is known as the Vedic goddess Ushas, the Lithuanian goddess Orina, and the Greek goddess Eos, the three goddesses of dawn.

Q. Who has more fans in Kerala?

Aside from maybe Allu Arjun, Vijay is the only non-Malay actor who has a large following in Kerala. In fact, he’s one of the state’s biggest box office kings, and his thriller “Theri” was such a hit in Kerala that he managed to beat many Malayalam films.

Q. Who was God’s first angel?

Therefore, God’s first creation was the archangel followed by other angelic creatures, identified by the lower Intellects.

Q. Who is Lucifer’s brother?

Michael Demiurgos is Lucifer’s twin also portrayed by Tom Ellis. He first appears in season 5, taking ownership of his brother after Lucifer returns to hell.

7. Unda (Avail on Amazon Prime)

Udna is one of the best latest Malayalam movies watch online. A realistic thriller is very rare in nowadays movies. Ans Unda Malayalam movie is a gem for sure. In this movie, you will see lead characters and their backstories. The screenplay of this movie nicely explains all the moments.

unda movie review

StoryLine of Unda Movie

Unda Malayalam Movie Online 

The movie is very special because of its authenticity and simplicity. The film story is a nine-man police unit from Kerala led by Sub-inspector Manikandan who travel in another state election duty in Chhattisgarh.

On their first day, they were just starting to let their hair down. When the in the next day made them aware of the dangers they will face. In their initial rush of excitement. They fired all of the very limited numbers of bullets because they haven’t too much.

You can watch Unda Malayalam movie online with English subtitles on youtube for free.

Unda Malayalam Movie wiki


8. Sudani from Nigeria (Available On Netflix)

The creation of a relation between two hearts in this world is very magical. We don’t think about the cast, religion or even the language also don’t match. But that doesn’t matter.

On Sudani from Nigeria full movie Malayalam Majeed and Sudu create the same thing in their relation. Movie directed by Zakariya Mohammed and produced by Sameer Thahir & Shyju Khalid.

In the start cast, you will see Soubin Shahir, Samuel Abiola Robinson. Overall it is a great latest Malayalam movies watch in India.

StoryLine of Movie

Sudu came from Nigeria latest malayalam movies watch and joins a football team in Kerala. The manager of this football team Majeed and he manages Sudu’s events and payments. Majeed is facing personal family problems and his relationship with his family is not good. Also, he finds a life partner for a long day.

New Malayalam Movies Watch Online Free

After that Sudu suddenly have an accident and the doctors advice them to take a rest for a month. But Majeed can’t afford that and he decided to take Samual home and take care of him. After that how Sudu became the family member o their family that is the story.

now how to watch Sudani from Nigeria full movie online with English subtitles? You can watch the movie from youtube new Malayalam full movies 2018. Otherwise, I dropped a telegram link to download Sudani from Nigeria full movie.

Sudani from Nigeria IMDb

9. Driving License (Available on Amazon Prime)

driving licence movie cast

It is a 2019 Malayalam full movie driving license. This is available on the latest Malayalam movies on amazon prime. The Star cast of this movie is Prithviraj Sukumaran, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Miya George, Deepti Sati. This is a comedy Malayalam film download free movie.

Driving License Malayalam Movie Trailer

There is lots of fun and a very good social message out there.

StoryLine of Driving Licence Movie

The story of this movie based on a fan and actor. The actor loves to drive but he lost his driving licence. Then he goes to the driving licence office and he face one of his fan. Then how all the things happens that is the main storyline of driving licence malayalam movie online.

Screenplay of this movie will not bore you and this movie isavery great malayalam movie. The writer Sachy did a very good job. He wrote the story very well.

10. Android Kunjhapan Version 5.25 (Available on Amazon Prime)

android kunjappan watch online

Android kunjappan full movie Malayalam download is available on amazon prime. You can watch the movie on Dailymotion. They divided the film into different parts. Android Kunjappan Version 5.25 Full Movie With English Subtitles available on amazon prime. In this film, we saw emotions and full of comedy.

The star actors Suraj Venjaramoodu, Soubin Shahir acted really really well. This is the latest Malayalam movies available on amazon prime.

StoryLine of Android Kunjhapan Movie

It is the best comedy-drama Malayalam movie. You can watch this movie on the YouTube Malayalam comedy section. The story starts from a village where Bhaskara and his son Subrahmannyan. Bhaskara’s son always gets very good offers for jobs.

Latest Malayalam Movies Watch

But his father doesn’t want to let his son go away. After that, his son gets a job offer from a Japanese company and he really doesn’t want to miss that opportunity. So after few months, his father Get sick and Subrahmannyan came home(India). He comes with a robot that will take care of Subrahmannyan’s family.

This movie teaches us human interaction, human needs, human nature, and many other things. The movie shows how the bond developed between Subrahmannyan’s family and the robot. How Bhaskara loves the robot(Kunjhapan) like his son that is the storyline.

Android Kunjappan Full Movie Online Watch

The movie is giving us a very good social message. You can watch the movie on Dailymotion and telegram. Links are given below.


So here are the top 10 latest Malayalam movies watch online free. I hope you like this article and thanks for reading it. There are many Malayalam movies available but I sorted a few of those. I listed best 10 Malayalam movies to watch.

There are also more popular latest Malayalam movies online watch free. Dailymotion latest Malayalam movies which you can watch for example

Disclaimer- This post ‘Latest Malayalam Movies Watch‘ is only for educational purposes. I just create this article only for people who are confused that what movie they should watch. So I listed on my own decision.

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