Modern technology wants people to be partners

technology & human relation

People are becoming lonely day by day. As people became more lonely, they became perfect friends of technology. They spend most of their time with mobiles and computers. Experts want to bring the device to the people. How much closer the relationship between machine and man will be.

It can be said that in 2050 it will be successful. Scientists have been making fictional films for a long time. We can see that these images allow experts to innovate new technologies.

In 1984, American film director James Cameron showed the famous image of Terminator. He showed that 2011 will be the year of the victory of artificial intelligence. In 2011, the devices took control with the help of artificial intelligence.

Cameron’s fears did not abate. Although not an artificial emergence, it did shine a bit. It was actually started for Apple. The new version of the iPhone 4S has launched a few years ago. This phone was a quality example of artificial intelligence. Apple has named that phone Siri.

This virtual partner doesn’t have much intelligence. But it could make Cameron’s prediction come true.


What is SIRI technology?

SIRI is able to learn technology with a technology focus. Also, SIRI is filled with people’s feelings. Also, an interesting event happened one day. Even one user was annoyed and discredited by SIRI. Also, another virtual companion announced by Google.

We need to see what the relationship is between the human brain and the artificial intelligence brain. In Alan Turing, it has to be tested. If machines win this test, what will happen to humans? Will people be friends with computers or will something else happen?


AI robot

People make computers for their convenience. It started using a calculator. Then people make all the functional computers. Nowadays people want to connect with computers. People share their problems with computers and they want computers to solve their problems. Like such a good friend.

Humans are building robots for mechanical dependence. And now we are trying to create something that is alive, not a human being, as a human being. Also, experts started making a chip that could solve problems on its own. Computer-enhanced chips may be able to think like every neuron circuit.


New technology

Work is underway to create new software to stop password theft. Technology is slowly advancing through which people can give passwords with genetic traits. Voice commanding, gestures, any kind of technology detection face is being introduced nowadays.

Computers can be the best friend of human beings. By 2050 computers will be the most usable best work partner and entertainer. Technology will be the most reliable thing.



I am extremely grateful that you finally read this article. Basically, I wrote that nowadays technology is the best friend of any human being.

Also, you can see how Apple and Google companies create new artificial robots.

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