Cultivation of nutritious mushrooms is very profitable

mushroom cultivation is very profitable

Cultivation of nutritious mushrooms could be very profitable in 2021

Mushrooms are rich in protein and other nutrients. The demand for mushrooms in the world is very high. The market for mushrooms is growing day by day in India. You can grow mushrooms in your home with little space and a little arrangement.

Also, you don’t have to work too much. You can easily cultivate this vegetable. Today I will tell you how to cultivate mushrooms at home at a very low cost.

Physicians always recommend eating protein foods and vegetables. They told all patients to eat high protein foods like eggs, fish, chicken. Also, doctors recommend adding protein vegetables and mushrooms to these. Because mushrooms are high in protein.

Mushrooms have already been added to the Bengali diet many times before and the demand for mushrooms is increasing day by day. However, we do not see any good ratio in the market.

That’s why mushroom cultivation is very profitable now. Perfume designer candles can show the way to earn. Start an organic fertilizer business at a very low cost. Autumn vegetables are very profitable. How to cultivate colorful fish at home.

In this situation, many people have lost their jobs and many people have lost income, this is the right time to start a mushroom business. It can be very profitable.

How to cultivate mushrooms: You don’t need the plot to start this business. You can do this easily from home. Anyone can cultivate mushrooms. Both men and women. Anyone can start with little investment and little arrangement and hard work.

The price of mushrooms is very high but there are other vegetables in the market. After producing mushrooms you can sell them in the local market and export abroad. Produced mushrooms can be sold online.

Mushroom cultivation does not harm our nature. In West Bengal, straw mushrooms are grown in summer and monsoon and in winter in Western Division. Also the climate of West Benagal is very good for mushroom cultivation.


Space and environment for mushroom cultivation

In summer, mushrooms can be grown in some places on the verandah of the house. In the rainy season, it can be cultivated in ventilated areas when water cannot enter and in winter you need a wet damp dark house for this. The process of cultivating all kinds of mushrooms is the same. Mature mushrooms are available 10 days after sowing.


Cultivation with low investment

Ingredients for mushrooms: straw, wood shavings, sugarcane husks, polythene. Also, there will be no disease and insect infestation and this is a positive sign for this business. Disgusting things throw these away when making a straw bed.

Use floor nets to control flies and cockroaches.



With little space in the house and some time work (mushroom cultivation) can be profitable. All the ingredients, mushrooms and what to grow kits for mushrooms and how to grow mushroom house I have included all the topics here.

I hope you like it and learn how to cultivate mushrooms with less investment.

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