Excessive Stress Can Exacerbate Acne

Everyone has more or less stress or anxiety due to the current structure of the social system. But can we always keep the pressure off? If you can’t take care of your skin, it’s effective for your health. Many people want to gain weight by eating extra food when they are stressed. This is called replacement eating.

This increases the tendency to get up at night and eat sweets. Some of them like to eat sweet cookies, cakes, pastries.

If the patient is not treated for stress, he may face heartbreak in the future. Also, there are many problems that are created by stress. Such as indigestion, frequent headaches, tension, loss of immunity, low energy, sleep all the time

If the patient does not take medication for stress, it is a sign of stress.

Studies have shown that if a person is under stress for a long time, he or she suffers from acne. Because stress is associated with all skin problems. Thus, stress with acne problems can cause severe damage to the skin.


The relationship between stress and acne

Of those people who go through stress, 80 percent must have experienced acne at some point. Acne will not only be on the face, it can be anywhere on the body.

Acne mainly affects the face, back, neck, and shoulders. Some are slowly getting bigger and some are bursting and bleeding.

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Some people say that acne can start from there if the pressure increases. However, the main reason for this is that hormones are being perceived by the body for extra stress and if someone already has acne problems then it takes a very bad shape later. Also if he scrapes that infection will increase further.

If someone is going through stress, his impression will fall on his face. Then he will face digestive problems and that effect will fall on the skin. And those people who are facing acne problems before stress will face a lot more acne problems. There is itching, there are sores, there are bacterial infections.


Why is acne on the face?

Stress for androgen hormones and cortisol hormones for sebum secretion is released in the human body. This sebum increases the strength of the sebaceous glands and it will increase the effectiveness of acne. It increases inflammation. This is why those who have less acne later face many problems with acne.

If there is pressure, the area becomes itchy and then swollen and inflammatory hyperpigmentation begins. Also, very bad spots are formed in the place of acne. Then it takes too long to recover.

acne face


How to recover skin from acne problems?

Stress is not the only problem with acne. Other factors are also linked to stress. Lack of hormones in the body, production of excess oil in the growth of expired skin cells. But the Rolex of pressure is more. That’s why you need to be happy and stress-free to get soft and smooth acne-free skin.

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Do yoga and practice to calm the mind. Then do the work where you find your passion. They take the right medicine according to the doctor’s instructions. Then eat healthy foods to get acne-free skin. Do not scrape the place with nails. It can damage your skin and use Lacto calamine and sandalwood.

If no results are found after doing these, you must checkup with a doctor.



Acne mainly affects teenagers and girls. My personal review on this topic is to eat healthy food and take care of your skin with natural products like basil, neem, and sandalwood. However, if you face any problems, do not hesitate to go to a specialist doctor.

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