Things You Need to Know Before Testing Blood Suger at Home

In our body soever that alignment saw, most of the cases that is diabetes. Having diabetes means with medication of insulin you can control blood sugar. If the amount of blood sugar gets high, then different parts of the body begin to be crippled in various ways. For example kidney and eyes

That’s why if you are a diabetes patient then you have to measure your blood sugar regularly. Then you can understand whether adherence to diet and lifestyle is working or not at all.

Most of the people’s blood sugar ups and down too much though it types one or type two. If it went high then it called highperglisemiya and if it gone low then it called hypoglycemia.

If you are not taking control of it then various problems can be created. Now a days you can measure the blood pressure in home. Using Glucometer you can measure te blood suger.

But when measuring blood suger many of peoples did wrong things. That’s why you cannot measure the right assessment. Lets see how to measure the blood suger and what are the common mistakess you made?

1. Postprandial Plucose(PPG) Blood Suger

There are two process of measuring blood suger fasting or on an emoty stomach and PP or after eating food. Basically, after two hours of eating food blood is taken for the PP test. Most of the time two hours, after finished the food the measuring assessment comes perfect.

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2. Prick Timing

What will be the blood suger that also depends on in which time you took the blood. If you want to check the right result then prick the blood two or three times in a day. Because there are many changes happened in the whole day human and physiological. So, over time blood suger fluctuates.
That’s why you have to check 3 or 4 times in a day. Don’t check only one time.

3. From Which Finger You Should Take?

At first, you need to know from which finger you will take blood. It is wrong that every day you took blood from the same finger. For that may be pain or minor injuries. If you change your two hands fingers daily, when testing blood sugar then the pressure will not be created on any one finger.

4. Use One Needle for Prick One Time

Many people use one middle to prick many times in a day to save money or for any reason. But you know? this is a very bad habit. You did not do that. This can be harmful to your body and there is a possibility of infection. Use one niddle for one time and after using throe it. Second-time use
another fresh new middle.

5. The Depth of Niddle

Many niddle depth are different. Some people’s finger’s skin are thin and some of them are fat. Niddle’s depth depents on the skin of fingers. It has to be kept between 3 and 4 in order to prick it properly.

6. Sanitizing

Always wash both of your hands and then sanitize it properly your fingers before drawing blood. It can reduces the chances of infection. Donot rush to wash with sprits and don’t rush to prick the finger. When the sanitizer dries then prick it.

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7. Difference in Blood Suger Measurements

The blood sugar you saw in the house, in the laboratory it can be different. The report can come different. Don’t panic after seeing it. It is normal.


Today in this article I told you what are mistakes people made when testing blood suger at home. I also discuss what are the basics to mesure the blood suger. As I already told you that laboretory report and house report can be different.

But don’t confused or panic after seeing it. You can visit or ask a doctor for more information. All right thank you for reading this article, I hope it will help you a lot. Keep visiting our website

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