Spending too much time in bed affects the quality of sleep

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All doctors say we should go to bed only when we need to sleep. If we spend time in bed all day, it will be difficult to sleep at night. It’s not just a sentence, it’s true. If anyone spends too much time at home, most of the time they will be in bed. Then they will have trouble sleeping.

If the time and quality of sleep during work and holidays are different, you will face problems. This is called social jetlag in medical language. And when someone is sitting at home for a long time like a lockdown. If his sleep increases, his quality will decrease.

The University of Basel in Switzerland conducted a survey. In that study, people are taking the view that they sleep 50 minutes more on vacation than on any work day. And these people work from home they sleep more than office commuters. Because people don’t need to travel to work from home processes and they work from home all day. This is why they can relax at home at any time.

Currently, all the people in the world have just gone through the lockdown. People go to the office but most of the time they work from home. Most people work in bed while working from home.


Why aren’t people sleeping properly?

Dr Christine Blum from the University of Basel said: ‘First of all, people don’t have to travel too much, secondly, they don’t have to adjust their working hours and people have more time to relax. However, sleep time does not increase. Eighty-five percent of those surveyed said they felt sleepy but could not sleep properly.

Just bed does not affect sleep. After Covid, everyone is facing a problem in their life. What the financial situation will be, the future of the children, the stress of work are all affecting sleep and reducing sleep time. 85% of the people are all working from home and 75% of them are women. However, women are sleeping better than men.

It depends on the rules of work. Because the retirement cycle often does not match the normal cycle. Another fact is that if sleep time is different every day, fatigue increases.

Many people say they can’t sleep at night. However, not everyone stays at home. Many of them work a hard hole day but they can’t sleep at night. But why? May cause insomnia. Stress at work, use of mobile phones before bed, and use of gadgets can be the cause.

If you have trouble sleeping or suddenly wake up from a deep sleep. I would recommend some rules for recovery.


1. Dinner

Dinner should be eaten one hour before bedtime

helthy dinner

Experts say everyone should finish dinner 1.5 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you may face digestive problems. Many sleep with dinner. It can affect your sleep as well as your health.


2. Bed

sleeping bed

Comfortable sleep: A comfortable bed plays a role in getting a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, you will not be able to sleep comfortably. This is why you may face body pain, muscle pain, body problems, nerve pain problems. Then if you do not change the bed, your problem will increase. For this, you need to use your mattress.


3. Sleep environment

You need to create a good sleeping environment when it comes to sleep. Do not use a mobile, computer, or any gadget for 1 hour before going to bed. Most people listen to music earphones before going to sleep. If you want a very good sleep, quit this habit. Also, you can put low light, scent, light candles to create a suitable place for sleeping less.


4. Caffeine is forbidden


Do not drink tea before going to bed. Many people eat dinner 1 hour before bedtime but they drink tea or coffee just before bedtime. It will not affect your sleep too much. Because caffeine stimulates our brain and affects our sleep.


5. Expert advice

Many of us have a variety of mental health problems including fatigue and anxiety and sleep will decrease day by day. Occasionally if you don’t wake up and fall asleep, I think you should go to the doctor. Perhaps you need some medicine.

However, do not take the medicine on your own, always ask the doctor then decide.


6. Practice

You can work out fast or moderate for 20 minutes daily. The brain will secrete endorphin hormones for exercise. It will burn calories and stay in good mental health. And if you work hard physically, you will definitely fall asleep.

However, do not exercise after dinner. You can walk 20 minutes after dinner.



If you spend too much time in bed, it can be very bad for your health and your upcoming life. Sleep in bed and in a good environment, practice, complete dinner 1 hour before bed.

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