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How do I generate USSD code? USSD: Additional Unused Service Data

USSD stands for Informal Extended Service Data. Also known as QuickCode codes or Feature. It is a communication method used by the Global System for Mobile (GSM) mobile phones to communicate or send text messages from a mobile phone to an operator-operated mobile application. In short, a service used by GSM-based cell phones to communicate with a network operator computer.

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USSD is a session-based protocol for the real-time session between a mobile handset and a network operator computer. Similar to Short Message Service (SMS); The only difference is that USSD transactions only take place during the session (real-time) between the people involved, unlike SMS. Two-way communication of information that continues as long as the connection remains open.

For example, for mobile banking services, you need a smartphone with an internet connection. However, with the USSD service, you do not need a smartphone and internet. All you need to do is dial the number provided by your service provider, starting with * and ending with #, from your mobile phone and the registered mobile phone number for basic banking services such as checking balance, small statement, etc. USSD codes are connected to the bank server and thus grant access to your bank account.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

USSD is used for a variety of purposes such as prepaid return service, location-based content service, WAP browsing, mobile banking services, mobile chat, and more. You are using the USSD service when dialing a number that starts with * and ends with #.

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What is a USSD Code

To use USSD, no special application is required for a portable handset. Call a short code from the handset, which gives you a variety of options in the menu. Optional. USSD is now also used for telephone banking, where you can access money, bank account details, billing payments, cancellation of checks, requests for audit books, and account statements.

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What are the benefits of USSD?

The biggest advantage of USSD is that you don’t have to wait fast because you get information quickly, you need to check your balance, you can find it quickly with USD code, the same IVR takes you a lot of time

The biggest advantage of USSD is that you don’t need an internet connection because our internet is down and everyone is worried about internet speed problem in India, so we can send money to US dollar code so you can do any bank job.

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