Weight can also be gained from diet food

Nowadays diet word used in many food or soft drink and normal people eat that food and think that the calory of the food is truly low.
There is no reason to think that diet has more nutritional value because it is written. You need to verify it before eating.

Today I will discuss some foods which I think is important nowadays. It is important for everyone to know. If you don’t have any idea about this food your
weight can increase.

Energy & Protine Bar

We all know the impotance of high protine diet in order to decrease fat. But in order to give energy to our body how much calorie and carbohydrate we are eating? We don’t

Foods that are available in the market to increase energy and meet the demand for protein add extra suger to the body.

Wheat Bread

Don’t buy the bread when you see that made with wheat. Because many people mix other ingredients with wheat. It can affect our health. But it packed as
wheat bread only for sale.

Wheat bread means nutritious fiber has been separated from it. That means you will get only a white patch. There is no good sign of this kind of wheat bread. You can buy
whole grains or you can make bread from red wheat at home. Because there are fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients ingredients.

Diet Soda

Many people think that there is a diet word before soda. Is that mean there is no calorie going in our body? No that is totally wrong. Through this a large amount
of suger enters the body.

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That’s why eating soft soda can increase fat rather than decrease it. For this, a particular search result has come from Texas University. A total of 503 people
are tested for 10 years. After reasearch they saw that the people eat soda their fat increases 65% than the people don’t eat soda.

From the research of Harvard Medical School, it’s clear that this doesn’t help our health but it will attract sweet food. After that, it will increase everyone’s fat.


Fried popkorn is very good for health, it fills with lots of fiber. But there are many types of popkorn available. All the popkorn is not good for health. Eating butter, caramel, sodium
popkorn harms the body. Because lots of calories go through this.

Bottled Salad Dressing

If you want to do salad dressing then it is better to do it with freash and cut fruits and freash vegetables. The vegatables should be boiled. But don’t use bottled salad

Because when the low-fat badge is added to this type of salad it means a lot of sugar added to it. It is very bad for human health. These types of dressing are
mixed with a high fructose dose of syrup.

There is too much fat in antioxidant carotenoids which is used in bottled salad dressing. Do you know that in 2 spoons of salad dresser 3 to 4 grams of sugar
goes in our body. We add more salad dressers while eating.

Low Fat Curds

The low-fat curd that is sold in the market fill the amount of fat with a lot of sugar. For example 150 calories & 22 grams sugar in 2 to 3 cups of curd.

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This article writen by Dipanjan Pradhan & I know which diet food can increases fat. He wrote this article for educationaal perpous & some basic information to all the people out there
that’s why you don’t make mistakes twice.