Can Weight Gain From Diet Foods?

how to choose right diet foods

Introduction: Nowadays the term diet is used in many foods or soft drinks and common people eat that food and think that there is no reason to think that diet has more nutritional value due to the fact that the food is low in calories. You need to verify this before eating.

Today I will discuss some of the foods that I think are important nowadays. It is important for everyone to know. If you have no idea about this food Weight gain


Energy and protein bars

We all know the importance of a high protein diet to reduce fat. But how many calories and carbohydrates do we eat to give our body energy?

Foods that are available in the market to increase energy and meet the demand for protein add extra sugar to the body.

Wheat bread

Don’t buy bread if you see it made with wheat. Because many people mix other ingredients with wheat. It can affect our health. But it is packed
Wheat bread is for sale only.

Wheat bread means nutritious fiber has been separated from it. That means you will only get one white patch.

There is no good sign of this kind of wheat bread. You can buy whole grains or make bread from red wheat at home. Because it contains fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients.


Baking soda

Many people think that there is a word of diet before soda. Does that mean our body is not going to have any calories? Nor is it completely wrong. Plenty through it
Sugar enters the body.

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That’s why eating soft soda can increase fat rather than decrease it. The results of a special investigation from the University of Texas. A total of 503 people were tested for 10 years. After the study, they found that people who ate soda had a 5% increase in fat compared to those who did not.

From research at Harvard Medical School, it is clear that it does not harm our health but it will attract sweet foods. Then it will increase everyone’s fat.



Fried popcorn is very good for health, it is rich in fiber. However, different types of popcorn are available. Not all popcorn is good for your health. Eat butter, caramel, sodium Popcorn harms the body. Because a lot of calories go through it.


Bottled salad dressing

If you want to make a salad dressing, it is best to do it with fresh and chopped fruits and fresh vegetables. Vegetables must be cooked. However, do not use bottled salad

Because when low-fat badges are added to this type of salad, it means a lot of sugar is added to it. This is very bad for human health. This type of dressing is syrup mixed with a high fructose dose.

Antioxidant carotenoids are high in fat which is used in bottled salad dressings. Did you know that 3 to 4 grams of sugar goes into our body in 2 tablespoons salad dresser? We add more salad dressers while eating.


Low-fat yogurt

The low-fat yogurt that is sold in the market fills the fat content with a lot of sugar. For example, 2 to 3 cups of yogurt contain 150 calories and 22 grams of sugar.

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This article is written by Dipanjan Pradhan and I know which diet can increase fat. He wrote this article for the purpose of writing and all the people there with some basic information so don’t get me wrong.

But I have always said consult a doctor before making a final decision.

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